Heroes on Steel Horses

Truckers keep America moving. And TravelCenters of America and Petro Stopping Centers keep truckers moving. TA and Petro are the largest truck stop chain in the country — and their dedication to serving truckers is unmatched. This brand ad was a shout-out to truckers, and ran nationwide during Trucker Appreciation Month.

More of Everything

When TA Truck Service acquired Petro's Petro: Lube truck service locations, they became the largest, most comprehensive truck maintenance and repair provider in North America. More locations, more technicians, more everything. The perfect time for a new look. We brought everything together under the new TA Truck Service brand. For truckers, chrome is the ultimate status symbol. So we gave TA Truck Service a metallic makeover. Rev 'em up.

Icy Greens

Pittsburgh-based MSA has been obsessed with safety for over 100 years. So when the 116th U.S. Open came to Oakmont, it was up to them (and us) to remind the players to stay safe on the greens. This ad concept required extensive retouching to composite the shot. The result serves as a poignant reminder to respect Oakmont's famous greens. Slick!

Ever-Changing Seasons

TA Truck Service's RoadSquad fleet of road-side repair trucks is ready to roll 24/7/365. We put together this image for them to hammer that point home. Check out the thumbnails at the bottom of the enlarged image to see the 8 different shots we Frankenstein'd together to create this piece.

A Smart Realignment

Small companies still need strong identities. For decades, Aligned Partners Trust Company has been one of the most trusted and effective financial planning groups in Southwestern Pennsylvania. They were long overdue for their logo to match their reputation. This sleek, interlocking A and P sets the market for logos in the finance world.

Pittsburgh's Little Everything

These days, no one in Pittsburgh needs to be told that Lawreceville is the hip, happening neighborhood. That wasn't the case several years ago, when we created this ad/poster. Lawrenceville was just starting it's hip/happening upswing, and we slapped a hip/happening type design and illustration on it. Now, everyone LV's LV. (We'd like to think that's thanks to us!)

Everyone's a Star

Karaoke machines. Fun, right? Sing Sing Sing founders Jackie and Melody wanted to crank 'em up a notch. This isn't just karaoke — this is an entire rock star experience. Big stage, back-up singers, state-of-the-art lights and sound. The ultimate party spot. We helped them bring this musical Mecca to life with a rockin' logo and over-the-top interiors. Rock on!