Anthony Musmanno

IdeaMill founder Anthony Musmanno has an eye for everything. And a brain like a scrapbook, filled with images and words. His knack for visualizing unique ad concepts got IdeaMill up and running over two decades ago, and now, his photography skills have broadened our scope of services. His dedicated photography site is right here. If he's not shooting, he's probably golfing or pickle-balling. He loves living in Sewickley with his wife, son, and dog.

Doug Kochmanski

Doug Kochmanski came to IdeaMill in 2005 and now oversees the creative side of the business. He is our Jack (and master) of all trades. Design, typography, retouching, copywriting, video editing, web coding — whatever. He'll figure it out. He'll also remodel your house and talk your ears off about old records and good whiskey. He lives in Aspinwall with his wife and two kids.

Allison Eash

Allison Eash brings 15-plus years of media expertise to the IdeaMill team. She works closely with our clients to manage and implement a strategic mix of solutions across an ever-expanding media landscape. Whether it's digital, social, or tradition media, she'll get your message in front of the right eyeballs. When she's not strategizing, she's watching her reality shows, working on a jigsaw puzzle, or on a plane heading to a concert or another country or a concert in another country. She lives in Edgewood with her husband and canine co-worker, Misha.


Misha is obviously a dog. While technically she lives with Allison, she works full-time at IdeaMill. Well, actually, she only works part-time. Because she sleeps a lot. Except when the mail man shows up. Then she courageously protects the IdeaMill staff at all costs. She is a good girl.